Monday, March 15, 2010

Bye bye Beautiful

Since I know her, I think it is more than just friends. but I regard it as my own sister. stories that shes experienced made me motivated to protect her, and she loves

every day I am always worried about her. I'm afraid she's not eaten all day, I'm afraid she's sick no one cares. I could feel that I have a sister at the same age as herself.

every day I want to comfort her, I want to make her smile like sunrise in the morning. like a rainbow that appeared after the rain. I want her to be happy with my poetry with songs that I created. but I failed, I made her cry, I made her mad so far. he said I was a loser, and a traitor.

she and I were different languages, customs and tribes, it seems very difficult to understand and appreciate one another. The words I sometimes always wrong and hurt her. and I do not understand what she meant.

now it's over. she released her hand from my life forever. I appreciate what she wants. I hope she's happy with her choice ...Goodbye...

keep rock on..\m/


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