Monday, March 15, 2010

Bye bye Beautiful

Since I know her, I think it is more than just friends. but I regard it as my own sister. stories that shes experienced made me motivated to protect her, and she loves

every day I am always worried about her. I'm afraid she's not eaten all day, I'm afraid she's sick no one cares. I could feel that I have a sister at the same age as herself.

every day I want to comfort her, I want to make her smile like sunrise in the morning. like a rainbow that appeared after the rain. I want her to be happy with my poetry with songs that I created. but I failed, I made her cry, I made her mad so far. he said I was a loser, and a traitor.

she and I were different languages, customs and tribes, it seems very difficult to understand and appreciate one another. The words I sometimes always wrong and hurt her. and I do not understand what she meant.

now it's over. she released her hand from my life forever. I appreciate what she wants. I hope she's happy with her choice ...Goodbye...

keep rock on..\m/

5 komentar:

maiank said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Macan Kampus said...

weyy jangan tulis nama dia ditempat umum.... mw tau aj lu mah..xP

mayank said...

maaf bukanny elu jg nulis nama nama mereka. makany gw tw kan bc tlisan lu.gmn seh..
y mw tau donk..sapa tw bwt gw kan..
~becnda mbing...

Macan Kampus said...

lu mah gak menyimak seh tulisanya buat siapa....xP

maiank said...
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